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Autumn Color From Utah

Posted by Gale Rainwater on November 8, 2007

Fall Color from Utah

Hello I have not had time to get out yet this week and photograph the fall color. It has been a really weird year for the fall color this year and is about two and one half weeks later than normal. Tim Ernst an I believe it is because we had so much rain in August and September that caused the trees to stay green so long. The best color I have seen this year was in Utah on the Alpine Loop around Robert Redford’s ranch at Sundance, Utah. I had never been there and was having car trouble and ended up in that area. There was really a good variety of color with reds, yellows, greens and oranges all in the same area. Hope you enjoy and comments are appreciated.

Fall Color In Utah

Fall color from Utah

Fall color from Utah


2 Responses to “Autumn Color From Utah”

  1. You have a great set of photos here. I love the top one. Any of them would make a great puzzle.

    Tim Ferrell

  2. Emily said

    I love these pictures of fall in utah. Thanks for sharing.

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